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Napísal Iveta Čapliarová   


Preparatory visit in Norway

17. - 20. jún 2009

On 17th – 20th June 2009 our working group, Mgr. Jozef Barborka, Ing. Mária Beňušová, Mgr. Katarína Šovčíková, took part in preparatory visit in partner school Gergard Schonings skole in Trondheim in Norway. The aim of this short visit was introducing project management of both Slovak and Norwegian schools, programme concretization for mobilities of Slovak and Norwegian participants and filling in project working activities. The mobility of Norwegian students will be realized from 3rd till 17th October 2009. Apart from this we had the opportunity to see lessons and school technical rooms, we learnt about education organization at school, about curriculum and educational problems and their solutions. It was very contributing exchange of good experiences of teachers of both schools concerning not only project realization but also educational process and its modernization. We also appreciated the interest of representatives of county administration in Trondheim. They welcomed us very kindly and invited us to their working place where they introduced their region, school system by means of presentation and we discussed future plans and increase of knowledge level. While town sightseeing they presented its history, interesting architectonic buildings, statues, cathedrals, ... We also presented our region, town and school. The first meeting was very important for further co-operation.


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